If you are a male survivor of child sexual abuse then this website is for you. You are not alone and we can help. Male Survivor London is peer to peer support for male survivors of child sexual abuse and rape. There are male survivors around the country and internationally supporting each other as peer to peer support is the most effective way for men to be able to understand and deal with the problems they experience as a result of the abuse. The purpose of this website is to support male survivors and inform and contribute to the on going debate about child sexual abuse.

Justice Lowell Goddard

Lowell Goddard is starting to show her true colours. She has explained that survivors can not be members of the panel of enquiry as they are not "objective". Instead a parallel panel is being set up of survivors to be consulted. The point people seem to be over looking is the enquiry is supposed to be taking evidence from hundreds may be thousands of survivors and there organisations but Lowell Goddard has already said she doesn't believe we can be objective. Kind of a fore gone conclusion then.

1 in 4 men are sexually abused or raped before they become adults,

90% + by family members !

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