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Justice Lowell Goddard
Goddard is gone, GOOD. Three down, probably several to go. The problem is not Goddard, although she was accused of coruption in NZ and was said to be for sale, but the enquiry itself. Most people believe that it is an over arching enquiry into all aspects of child sexual abuse, and that it will carry out specific enquiries into notable examples eg saville and some of the care homes, it is not.
It has been established with the remit to look at institutional response to institutional abuse. So the Catholic church, public schools, celebritys, care homes and asian gangs will be all dealt with. Of course this needs to happen but if this is all that it covers it is doing a massive disservice to the 90% of children who were not sexually abused by these groups but by family members. Goddard was reported to have specifically said she would not look at the family. This ignores the fact that all children are in the care of the state while attending school and the need for mandatory reporting if there is a suspicion of abuse and also that the state should have a duty of care for all children. 
For years many of us have been campaigning against the concept of "stranger danger" as it disarms the vulnerable from those who they know, not strangers, who are a danger. For most young children who are abused, the confusion of what is happening compounds the abuse, "I didnt even know what it was that was happening and they are my family how could it be wrong" is often a problem. We need to be clear to all but especially children that abusers can be people you know.
The enquiry by only focusing on the institutional abuse is reinforcing the idea of stranger danger and thereby endangering young people and allowing our culture to once again sweep the problem of "others" under the carpet. We need to take this opportunity to reset and look at all sexual abuse of children and prioritise the majority 90% abused by family members.

Goddard refused to allow that survivors can be members of the panel of enquiry as they are not "objective". Instead a parallel panel was set up of survivors to be consulted. This overlooked the fact that the enquiry is supposed to be taking evidence from hundreds may be thousands of survivors and there organisations. A new chair or chairs should bring onto the full enquiry survivors as the only real objective participants.

1 in 4 men are sexually abused or raped before they become adults,

90% + by family members !

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