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This is the number of men who have contacted this page. There are not enough services being provided to meet the needs of men looking for help. Therapy can take a year to access and is then limited to a few short months ! The NHS doesn't limit treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses by time but until people are well. We need the same for survivors.We need peer support groups supported by public funds and for the NHS to provide therapy to all who need it indefinitely. Unfortunately we are a long way from this. The attention refocused on the abuse of young men and boys through the football disclosures is an opportunity to campaign for survivors right to services. The IICSA needs to speed up recommendations, yes continue with the enquiry but mandatory reporting needs to be introduced now !

10,334 visits to this website !
Police now say 250 suspects and 550 victims in football abuse we need Mandatory reporting now !

There is not a macho culture in football there is a homphobic culture ! The fear of disclosing that you have been sexually abused because you may be considered gay is not only in football, but the locker room culture of sexism and homophobia is partly bravado to disguise the fact that abuse is so common. Football needs to chalenge homphobia in order to deal with its demons. All men who have been abused as boys in or out of football need support and services that can help them overcome the trauma. Being raped as a child isnt a sign of weakness and being sexually abused by a man or woman doesnt make you gay or straight !

1 in 4 men are sexually abused or raped before they become adults,

90% + by family members !

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