The Sacking of Sarah Champion for her comments about Pakistani men is wrong and a betrayal of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

In the context of a trial having just concluded in which Pakistani men where found guilty of raping and sexual abusing young people it was appropriate to talk about the specific problem. If there had just been a trial of Catholic priests or Public School teachers or Care Home workers or BBC celebrities or Football coaches or any other group it would have been appropriate to discuss that.

This again unfortunately smacks of "political correctness". There is a greater concern of offending some leaders in the Pakistani community than for the victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

Just as when the Pope claimed that you should not blame the Catholic Church for individual priests we are told you should not target a whole community for individuals in the Pakistani community. However as with the catholic church there has been widespread attempts at cover up and worse a lack of concern.

Jeremy Corbyn knows from his vast political experience that in some countries and communities the struggle for womens and LGBT rights as well as awareness of Child Sexual abuse is very far  from being victorious. Highlighting this is not racist but necessary if we are ever going to win. The specific issue in the Pakistani community and muslim communities more widely is very much an issue for child sexual abuse. Many muslims believe that the freedoms won by women and LGBT people are wrong and that sexual liberation is condemned and European women are thought of as equivalent to prostitutes which results in the complete lack of respect and therefore justification for rape and abuse.

The far greater problem that we need to overcome is that politicians and the media are never willing to talk about the rape and sexual abuse of children and young people by family members. Fathers are the biggest single group of abusers with Mothers being the second biggest group, and family members make up 90% of perpetrators.

Newspapers like the SUN are clearly racist and it is a mistake to contribute to that filthy rag but that does not mean what was said by Sarah Champion was untrue. In representing a community where the biggest to date number of victims has been uncovered she needs to continue her fight to expose all of the specific circumstances and in which abuse takes place. The hidden victims and survivors of sexual abuse need to be heard.

Jeremy Corbyn has disappointed 100's of thousands of victims and survivors and made the struggle of any child or young person who is today trying to speak out and stop the abuse the are suffering more difficult !

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This is the number of men who have contacted this page. There are not enough services being provided to meet the needs of men looking for help. Therapy can take a year to access and is then limited to a few short months ! The NHS doesn't limit treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses by time but until people are well. We need the same for survivors.We need peer support groups supported by public funds and for the NHS to provide therapy to all who need it indefinitely. Unfortunately we are a long way from this. The attention refocused on the abuse of young men and boys through the football disclosures is an opportunity to campaign for survivors right to services. The IICSA needs to speed up recommendations, yes continue with the enquiry but mandatory reporting needs to be introduced now !

1 in 4 men are sexually abused or raped before they become adults,

90% + by family members !

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