Carl Beech

Carl Beech was found guilty of falsely accusing a number of "VIPs" of sexually abusing him as a child. He was unable to provide evidence of the crimes precisely because they were false allegations. He was also found guilty of possession of sexual images of children. Like many perpetrators of child sexual abuse he claimed to be a victim to confuse, justify and seek a reduction in his sentence. This is the source of the vampire myth, that the abused go on to abuse, it is false. Most people who were abused do not go onto abuse and most people who abuse were not abused, there is no causal link. For anyone who spends a few minutes trawling the internet the individuals named by "Nick" have had allegations made against them for decades before he came along. This is obviously where he found the names. Leon Brittain was exposed by Private Eye as a paedophile in the 80's, when he was a senior member of Thatchers cabinet, he was quickly shuttled off to be a EU commissioner. We have seen filmed evidence of a tory whip at the time saying that they black mailed tory mp's into voting certain ways by threats of exposing their child abuse. None of the named individuals are exonerated of anything other than the rantings of a child abuser. The preexisting allegations stand. We dont know who or how many of these people raped, murdered or sexually abused children but I know there are millions of victims who have never had their day in court. The establishment are attempting to use this case to cover up their crimes, most recently theresa mays losing of the files in the home office but going back to thatchers knowledge not just of brittain but others. Take a trawl through the internet and look for a certain guest house or look into the cover up in wales where the police showed pictures of actual perps to victims but then gave them different names of establishment figures. The term paedophile ring has never sat well but there are many proven allegations of care homes being used as brothels by the rich and powerful. Carl Beech is not the first to claim he was a victim when he is actually a perpetrator but what we must not be blinded to is the millions of actual victims, 1 in 4 children, 90%+ by a family member who never had justice, who get little or no support with the lifelong physical and mental health problems as a result of this trauma.

Vampire myth !

Most people who were sexually abused as children 

do not go on to sexually abuse children !

Most people who sexually abuse children 

were not sexually abused as children !

No evidence, research, data or statistics is ever provided to support the idea that most or all people who were sexually abused as children go on to sexually abuse children. When survivors challenge the "vampire syndrome"  myth (once bitten by a vampire, you become a vampire - once abused, you become an abuser) we are asked to disprove it. As with all forms of bigotry the advocates of this lie are irrational and cannot intellectually justify their argument but instead promote fear and rely on victim blaming. This background has justified the failure to provide support and services for survivors, especially men, who are seen as more likely to abuse. We must say no to this hatred and demand proof for this commonly held falsehood, as there is none, and challenge its misconception.

Whenever scant data is put together it bundles all types of abuse together including neglect as well as physical and emotional abuse. For us there is a world of difference between, a neglected child who un-socialised or nurtured commits crimes as an adult which may include abuse, and adult survivors of child sexual abuse who are often struggling to cope with CPTSD and other mental health issues and in the face of a lack of help or services to support them can use drugs or alcohol and other addictions as a survival strategy.

Of course some people do go on to abuse but it is our belief that it is less than the general population and that being abused acts as a disincentive. It is true that some children copy normalised behaviour but this is often part of an abusive scenario. For most survivors we live in the shadow of suspicion and sometimes fear that we may undergo some transformation that will cause us to offend as we know it is not in our character but we are constantly told it is true. This creates a additional barrier to us breaking the silence and moving forward with our recovery. It is often only when we start to meet other survivors who have the same feelings that we realise we have been lied to, that is not who we are.

We need to lay this lie were it belongs in the grave along with the fake vampires it replicates as fiction. 

Stop Gaslighting ! End Victim Blaming ! Break the Silence !

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