AID Charity sex scandal

In the last 20-30 years we have seen a move from client based membership organisations that elected management committees to self-selecting self-appointed unaccountable trusts. With this massive increases in salaries and expenses and plush hotels have become the norm.The obvious motivation was middle class “professionals” would have different priorities to recipients or clients who would select and appoint leaders whose decisions would benefit them or they would be replaced. We have seen too often middle class feminists, lgbt activists etc go along with this agenda as they became beneficiaries of these high paid jobs. Unfortunately the same is true of too many survivor organisations, (the purge of survivors and the homophobia at NAPAC being a clear example), Along with the unaccountability to service users came the belief that they are unaccountable to anyone and the fake machismo of some middle class men as well as some women who thought they ruled the roost has led to sexual abuse and worse.It is time feminists and lgbt activists, understand that what doesn’t benefit all women all lgbt people all survivors will not solve any problems other than the short term advantage of a handful who pay their too big mortgages on their too big houses.We need democratic accountable voluntary sector organisations and charities and no public funding or tax exemption should be given unless there is full accountability to service users.