We are men who were sexually abused and raped as children. We have all come to the conclusion that we must begin to take control of our own recovery. We have had many different experiences with counselling, psychotherapy, GP’s and voluntary sector services, some good, many bad. We believe that there needs to be a expansion of services as well as education and training. Most importantly we need services that understand survivors needs, so service providers need to start listen to survivors and shaping there services accordingly.

For many male survivors it is not until our 40’s and 50’s that a realisation that the sexual abuse we suffered has affected us throughout our lives. We look back on failed relationships, drug and alcohol use, contact with the criminal justice system and on-going physical and mental health problems. We realise with new eyes that it was not our fault and only want to move forward with our lives in a more fulfilling way.

The search for support often begins with GP’s who can be ill-informed and in-sensitive, who offer medication that doesn’t work or short term CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It often takes a crisis or long term isolation before we realise we need expert help. Survivors are experts we often understand without explanation what other survivors are experiencing.

That is the purpose of this website, so we the experts can start to help ourselves and each other to recovery. It is often a long and difficult journey but it is never too late to start.