Homesteading in the Calm Eye of the Storm - Peter Walker

Dear Friends and Fellow Recoverees,        

Homesteading in the Calm Eye of the Storm is a Companion Book to my self-help book: COMPLEX PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving.         

Homesteading is also a Memoir of my journey of recovering from C-PTSD. As such, it is not a typical self-help book, but rather an account of what helped me to effectively treat my CPTSD.  If you too are a survivor, I hope this book will help shore you up for the long, but silver lining-laden journey of recovering.      

Unlike my other books, Homesteading has much less psychological jargon and is written in a lighter, easier to read style. One previewer has described my book as “…rich, poignant, humour and full of self-disclosive anecdotes that are sure to help other survivors in their recovery.”    

Homesteading has two parts. In Part I, an On The Road-styled quest, I escape from my dysfunctional family and backpack around the world seeking happiness, while unconsciously fleeing my suffering. In Part II, a Road Less Travelled-styled search, I wander into the jungles of psychological theory and technique. I shift my focus from global adventurer to inner world explorer.   

Please feel free to skip ahead to Part ll if you are mostly interested in my psychological recovery work. Part l is the backdrop that leads up to this work

Here is a Link to where you can purchase the paperback version e-book or Kindle version of my book:

It is also available  at Amazon in Europe and the UK.  

Warm Regards,